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University vision, mission and values


With its foundation in technology, the sciences and professional practice, Ontario Tech University advances the discovery and application of knowledge that accelerates economic growth, regional development and social innovation and inspires graduates who will continue to make an impact on the world, as it is and as it will be.


  • Provide superior undergraduate and graduate programs that are technology-enriched and responsive to the needs of students and the evolving workplace.
  • Conduct research that creates knowledge, solves problems, results in economic and social innovation and engages students.
  • Facilitate life-long learning that is flexible, inclusive and emphasizes college university transfers.
  • Develop academic and research collaborations with industry and community that stimulate and enhance the region and university at home and abroad.
  • Cultivate a dynamic learning environment for students by promoting social engagement, fostering critical thinking and integrating experiences inside and outside the classroom.


Integrity and Respect
We embrace honesty, inclusivity, and equity in all that we do.

Honesty and Accountability
Our actions reflect our values, and we are accountable for both.

Dedication to Quality and Intellectual Rigour 
We strive for excellence with energy, commitment and passion.

Pursuit of Innovation
We cultivate creativity, adaptability and flexibility in our students, faculty and staff.